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IK rating (International Standard IEC 62262:2002 and IEC 60068-2-75:2014) is the international standard which defines the degrees of protection against external mechanical impact provided by enclosures for electrical equipment.

Under this standard, Survivor’s range of luminaires are typically rated as IK10+. However, our products are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and are tested beyond this standard until failure. Survivor products are tested to IK26 ensuring unfounded extended durability and hi performance in extreme conditions.

The table below outlines the different classifications covered by the IK standard

IK CODE Impact energy (joules) PROTECTED AGAINST
IK00 no protection against any mechanical impact
IK01 0.150 200g object dropped from 7.5cm in height
IK02 0.200 200g object dropped from 10cm in height
IK03 0.350 200g object dropped from 17.5cm in height
IK04 0.500 200g object dropped from 25cm in height
IK05 0.700 200g object dropped from 35cm in height
IK06 1.00 500g object dropped from 20cm in height
IK07 2.00 500g object dropped from 40cm in height
IK08 5.00 1.7kg object dropped from 29.5cm height
IK09 10.0 5kg object dropped from 20cm in height
IK10 20.0 5kg object dropped from 40cm in height
IK10+ 50.0 10kg object dropped from 50cm in height